The delivery times can vary depending on the type of part to manufacture; whether it is custom-made or standard. However, once the molds are completed and approved by the client, an average production time would be around 20-35 days. The tooling is generally around 40 days, which includes the testing and approbation of the sample by our clients. Then, a container from China to a port in North America will take around 4 weeks and around 3 weeks for a port in Europe. These are general and approximate lead times; we give more accurate time frames, tailored to our clients’ products and location.

We are specialized in CNC machining (milling and CNC) and we can process components up to 1 square meter.  Our team also works continuously with our partners to offer a wider range of industrial goods and components ranging from extrusions to electrical components.  We have a very complete audited list of partners with whom we are working to offer different components that our clients are using in various sectors of fabrication such as agriculture, automotive, consumer goods, home appliance, entertainment, lighting, green house, and much more. 

Yes, we are ISO9001:2015 certified.

No, we do not require any minimum order quantity. However, we consider that there is often an optimal minimum quantity for which our client should purchase to maximize their saving especially in regard to transportation fees. The optimal quantity is calculated considering the cost of the products, the volume, the weight, and the freight cost.

Yes, we have a warehouse in Guadalajara. This inventory enables rapid delivery when unexpected increases in demand occur. 

Our production capacities vary depending on the type of product to manufacture. Our capacity to react quickly allows us to increase our production and purchase equipment to align with our clients’ demand.  

We offer turnkey solutions at an incredibly competitive price and we have offices, representatives, and support teams in all countries of activities. This said, we believe that our customer service is distinct in terms of responsiveness, accuracy, and adaptability. 

For confidentiality reasons, we cannot disclose all our clients. However, upon request we can give certain references.

Yes, we have support teams available to assist our clients and to follow up on the products we deliver. 

As most of our products are manufactured to respond to our clients’ specifications, we do not have a cancellation policy. Yet, we can ensure our clients we will do everything possible to accommodate them with product modifications. 

For any additional questions, contact us at: info@sevco.com or contact your regional sales representative.

© 2020 SEVCO All Rights Reserved.

© 2020 SEVCO All Rights Reserved.

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